March for Science Chicago: Some of the Best Signs (PHOTOS)

march for science chicago the muppets

While the Women’s March in January and the Tax March last weekend had more than their fair share of clever signs, March for Science Chicago blew both of them away. The signage here was beyond brilliant. I guess that’s to be expected when you hold a rally that advocates reason, logic and critical thinking.

On this, the 47th edition of Earth Day, Saturday April 22nd, March for Science Chicago was held, sending a strong message  to our leaders in Washington D.C.

An estimated 4o,00 attended the event, which began with a speaker’s program at 10-11 am, then a march to the Field Museum of Natural History. There, an exposition was held until 3 pm, all in the name of supporting of science.

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March for Science Chicago: Details and Info on Rally for Reason and Logic

march for science chicago

On Earth Day, Saturday April 22nd, March for Science Chicago will be held, and with it a strong message sent to our leaders in Washington D.C. Over 45,000+ are expected to attend the event, which runs from 10am to 3pm, to rally and march in support of science.

The flagship march will take place in our nation’s capital, and approximately 500+ other rallies will occur all around the world. The event is being organized to show support for the scientific community, recognize how science serves society at-large and promote an approach to governing that leverages peer-reviewed, evidence-based policy making.

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How a Football Player Changed the Life of an Ordinary Person?

It is true that football lovers derive a lot of joy and pleasure watching their favourite teams and players perform. However, the fun isn’t only in watching the games, as people can now place bets on several outcomes of the game and win huge amounts of money. Some would say it is a win-win option because they now can get all the fun from watching the game and make some money on the side with the help of the sport that they love. What other motivation does one need to keep betting on football?

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Real Life Albuquerque Isotopes (Rockies AAA Affiliate) Claim World’s Spiciest Burger

albuquerque isotpoes

“These are southwestern toppings!” Homer Simpson exclaimed as a ballpark hot dog gave him the epiphany that he was seeking. That eureka moment helped Homer realize the Albuquerque Isotopes were indeed in the works, with New Mexico’s largest city set to take away his hometown Springfield Isotopes.

During that specific episode of The Simpsons, Homer went on a hunger strike in hopes of exposing the plan, and it led to his getting chained to a pole in the minor league baseball stadium.

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All Things Sports for Your Mobile Device

mobile betting

There are so many apps out there for sports fans, it can be hard to know which to choose. The new sports app from CBS Sports is ready to make the choice easy, by giving you everything you need to follow your favorite teams and games, fast and right at your fingertips. When you download CBS Sports Scores, News & More from Google Play, you get a ton of great features that make being an informed sports fan easy and fun.

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A Holistic Approach to Weight Training

The body has four load-bearing joints: the shoulders, the knees, the hips and the ankles. When you stand up straight, all of these joints are in alignment. Being active helps to keep everything in alignment. Inactivity can lead to things getting out of whack. When joints move out of alignment, you start experiencing pain. This can affect all areas of the body including the neck, head and back. Misalignment also creates weakness. You may be able to push a lot of weight but unable squat and move seamlessly under a low hanging branch.

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Should Poker Be Called a Sport? Inside the Efforts to Legitimize the World’s Most Popular Card Game


The discussion of “sportifying“ poker, a phrase coined by Alex Dreyfus and his Global Poker League, has been going on for some years now, with changing intensity. Dreyfus and others seem to be playing with different ideas on what this sportification should look like and, more importantly, in what way it would help the game outgrow its current confines.

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Tax March Chicago: Highlights, Signs, Sounds, Photos and Videos

tax march chicago trump putin

Most people never bought into the “only reporters care about my tax returns” fallacy that Donald Trump loves to espouse. It is and always has been a flimsy excuse, but for the small subset of America that thinks he could be right…they were proven dead wrong today!

In our nation’s capital, 25,000 people alone marched for the cause of getting Trump to show his taxes. Tax March Chicago was one of over 200 marches and rallies held in cities today across not just the United States of America, but the entire world.

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Carli Lloyd in Man City, Crystal Dunn with Chelsea, Alex Morgan at Lyon, How Does NWSL Adjust?


Despite all the overall substantial infrastructure issues facing the National Women’s Soccer League, the overall outlook is exceedingly positive. When you expand your product, and find a better broadcast deal than the one you held previously, it signals that things are moving in the right direction overall.

However, as the league kicks off its fifth season this weekend, they now must face a new and very real issue to which will have to adjust immediately.

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ESPN 30 for 30: Top 20 of All Time List


Rating the best films in the ESPN 30 for 30 series is a highly debatable endeavor, as there are so many great documentaries to choose from. Click the title where highlighted for a review/feature on that specific film.

A year ago, I would have told you that there’s Hillsborough, the college football docs, and then there’s everything else. Still true, except now there’s Laettner, which towers above everything else.

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Why Businessmen Buy Different Sports Clubs

The sports industry is minting money globally with investments running into several billions of dollars. Such has the madness grown that a successful career in sports not only promises lucrative monetary returns but also sets a path for a flourishing business. This is the main reason why more and more businessmen are choosing to invest in sports teams that are excelling in order to maximise their returns. Consider football to be one of the most money-raking businesses as millions of dollars is funnelled into one club, which they use in buying players. But saying that the money is invested solely on players would be a down-statement since there are numerous endorsement deals, merchandise, training sessions and travelling expenses that come into the picture.

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How to Bet on the UEFA Champions League

If you primarily care about English or German soccer, then you might focus your betting on the Premier League and the Bundesliga, respectively. However, if you are passionate about European football in general, then your favored tournament gambling should be the UEFA Champions League.

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