Roman Abramovich in Limbo as Chelsea Owner’s UK Visa Renewal Delayed

roman abramovich

In case you were wondering why Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich did not attend Chelsea’s FA Cup final win over Manchester United in London yesterday, it’s because he cannot legally enter the country right now. His United Kingdom visa expired in April, and according to multiple reports, he’s experiencing a delay in renewal.

It is the policy of the government agency that handles processing visas to not comment on reasons for delay. However, given that Abramovich is now based in London, is Britain’s 13th richest man according to the Sunday Times with £9.3bn, and tensions escalating between Great Britain and Ambramovich’s native Russia, this is obviously a major news development.

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How Natural Medicine Helps in Sport

By Joseph Plunkett

Many athletes are constantly looking for solutions that could help them to improve performance and the ability of their bodies to withstand strenuous exercises. Some of them are convinced to turn to using dangerous chemicals, but the products often lead to many dangers. One of the best ways athletes can boost their performance without compromising is turning to natural medicine, which could be used to prevent injuries, to offer nutritional support, and also ensure rapid recovery after injuries. There are several ways natural medicines can be used by athletes to help them improve in their careers.

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Meghan Markle Prince Harry Wedding Shouldn’t Be Publicly Funded


Absolutely no one, outside family and friends of the couple, SHOULD CARE about Saturday’s royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but unfortunately that train has long left the station. The Royal Wedding as a “news story” is the biggest nothing burger of all nothing burgers, but what can you do? This endeavor, for some reason, is considered worth paying attention to by millions of people all around the world, who have never met Harry or Meghan.
Meghan Markle, today, is now one of the world’s most famous people. The Northwestern grad who played annoying characters and really bad television shows has truly come a very long way. In 2013, when College Gameday came to NU and Markle was referenced in signs, as Rachel Markle, we were all like “who?”

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Shoeless Joe Jackson: New Sports Betting Laws Could Change His Legacy

joe jackson fall from grace

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a federal anti-sports gambling law, which now gives states the right to allow betting on sports. The Supreme Court’s opinion on Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association determined the federal ban on sports wagering, as established by the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) to be unconstitutional, which now paves the way for the legalization of sports betting in all 50 states.

In other words, this is a seismic event, and the sports gaming industry is about to boom once again. People will be wagering everywhere, including on the world wide web, and thus, online casino reviews will be seeing an increase in traffic. These are indeed exciting times for all topics relating to sports gaming. 

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Wimbledon: Etiquette Rules for Spectators at the Grand Event

By Patrick Pierce

Originally founded in 1877, Wimbledon is the world’s most recognized and oldest tennis tournament, with a total viewership of approximately 1 billion people in 200 territories.

Considering the popularity of Wimbledon, it’s not surprising what is actually required to recreate the iconic tournament each year – extensive preparation and planning is crucial. For example, it is estimated 54,000 balls are used at Wimbledon each year, while over 40 miles of string is fitted to 2,000 rackets over a fortnight.

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How To Win Betting On The Royal Ascot


“Ascot” by Devan Bickley (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Royal Ascot is one of the biggest horse racing events in the world, and at the top of the list of the biggest flat meets in the UK. As a result, plenty of punters get in on the action during Royal Ascot week. If you are one of the occasional bettors who are planning on wagering on Royal Ascot, don’t forget these tips to give yourself the best chance to win.

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The Many Benefits of Sports Betting

sports betting

By John O’Leary

Oh no, not another long drive to the gaming casino! There has to be another way we can sport bet, right? The answer is right! This is because of the introduction of the 21st century remarkable platforms known as online sports betting. Historically, online sports betting has been in existence for quite a long time and are considered one of the most exciting ways to enjoy games and other sports events.

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Liverpool FC, AS Roma Among World’s Fastest Risers in Brand Value

liverpool fc anfield

Liverpool FC and AS Roma just provided the world with one of the most memorable and exciting UEFA Champions League ties in history. With Liverpool edging past Roma 7-6 in the semifinal round, it was in fact the highest scoring UCL tie in history.

Both sides raised their global profile during this compelling home and home series, and their respective brand values are on the rise as well. Brand Financea valuation and strategy consulting company, does an annual study of the world’s 50 most valuable football brands, and the 2018 edition was released just hours ago.

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Manchester United Remain Most Valuable Football Brand, Says Study


While plenty of people question the overall direction of Manchester United football club, and the style that the team employs on the pitch, their brand value only keeps increasing. Brand Financea valuation consulting firm, does an annual study of the world’s 50 most valuable football brands, with the 2018 edition being released today. The firm found United’s brand value equal to USD 1,895 million, which is more than USD 300 million higher than both Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Real came in at $1,573 million while Barca checked in at $1,511 million. The two La Liga juggernauts were also #2 and #3 last year as well. The top three clubs, along with Bayern Munich, were the only four clubs to receive the highest possible brand rating of AAA+.

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Cinco de Mayo No Fiesta for Chicago Fire; Atlanta United Cruise

cinco de mayo

All the ingredients were there to provide a special night for the Chicago Fire: Cinco de Mayo falling on a Saturday, a late night kickoff in summer weather (when the very preceding Chicago Fire home game was hard core winter weather), and the best team in Major League Soccer (Atlanta United) coming to town.

Atlanta came in to this match second in the MLS in points this season, but the only team ahead of them, NYCFC, has played two more matches. This could have been a statement game for the Fire, and a fiesta grande for their seguidores y fanaticos, but they couldn’t capitalize, as the 15,024 in attendance (many of which were outfitted with festive holiday accoutrements) at Toyota Park saw United take all three points, winning 2-1.

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Man United Spent Only the Fifth Most in Europe Over the Past Decade

british pounds

Italian media outlet La Gazzetta dello Sport has conducted some research on how much European clubs have spent on acquiring players in the last 10 years. Some of the results are pretty surprising; other results are, well, to be expected.

The publication reveals that Premier League champions Manchester City are the biggest free-spending club of all, tossing out  £1.4 billion over the past decade. They also have a very sizable lead over the second place finishers- Barcelona, who come in £385,000 less. Real Madrid didn’t crack the top five, surprisingly, and Manchester United are only fifth.

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As eSports Takes Off, eSports Media Coverage Also Booming


eSports are taking off like a rocket ship, and with it so are ancillary gaming industry businesses. These action packed eSports encounters have a high spectator value and drive a huge amount of curious fans and gamers from all around the world to watch the events unfold.

 We’re talking about millions of eSports interested fans. This activity is a gold mine for advertisers who are willing to buy prime estate for ads in order to get the right exposure to their brands. Thus, a whole lot of money is pouring into this field. 

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