Man United Cleared Over Paul Pogba Transfer; FIFA to Investigate Juventus Next

paul pogba dab great wall

Last summer’s Paul Pogba return to Manchester United was a £89.3 million (105m Euros, $115m) deal, a world record breaker in the transfer fee category. It even had its own hashtag #Pogback

Six weeks ago we learned that FIFA was making an inquiry into United’s signing of Pogba. Today, we learned that United is now cleared (hence, the dab celebration should begin), and that the international football governing body will be investigating Juventus now instead.

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All Eyez On Me Gives Younger Gen-Xers, Older Millenials Chance to Relive Youth


All Eyez on Me, the much hyped Tupac Amaru Shakur biopic that opened on what would have been Shakur’s 46th birthday, had a mixed bag opening weekend. It did well at the box office, finishing as the third highest grossing film ($27m) behind only Cars 3 ($53m) and Wonder Woman ($40m).

However, it’s been ABSOLUTELY EVISCERATED by critics. The only real explanation for this is the generation gap between hip-hop fans and most movie critics. All Eyez on Me, named for the first and best ever hip-hop double album ever (and arguably the best rap album of all time), is yet another example of the ’90s nostalgia craze taking over pop culture.

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Paul Pogba Visits China’s Forbidden City During Business Trip

paul pogba dab great wall

The most expensive footballer in the world, Paul Pogba, is optimizing his trip to China. He’s in the world’s most populous nation on business, as a brand ambassador for his endorsement partner Adidas. Pogba is also making the journey a vacation, as he’s visiting some of the nation’s most world-famous landmarks.

Yesterday we saw his photos from when he did the dab on the Great Wall of China. The photo-opp will no doubt be adored by Pogba fans, and criticized by Pogba haters.

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Steve Lavin Has a Very Active, Extremely Interesting Instagram Account

steve lavin coach

“Social Media Expert” is a meaningless title, said “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver during an episode last season. “All it takes is wanting it bad enough and not caring if people hate you,” he followed up on another episode later that season.

He’s right, and I often reiterate these quotes before judging someone on the content of their social media accounts. When it comes to Steve Lavin, though I have nothing but good things to say.

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Ana Navarro Calls Out Paul Ryan and GOP Cohorts; Hilariously Mocks “The Wall”


Ana Navarro, conservative strategist and political commentator, slayed the room with this joke about Donald Trump’s supposed wall on the United States-Mexican border- “I think he will get a half mile wall of Legos, and his supporters will enjoy that.”

It was just one of the many lines that stole the show at her Tuesday morning session, “Multiculturalism and Today’s Media: The 2016 Election and What It All Means.”

This session was hands down the biggest highlight of the 2017 AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing conference.

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Pennsylvania Expands Online Gaming Laws, Illinois Could be Next


Last week, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed one of the biggest expansions of gaming law bills in over a decade.

This massive and potentially ground-breaking legislation will authorize fantasy sports gaming, online gaming, online lottery, airport gaming, and up to 40,000 video game tablet (VGT) terminals in up to 40,000 locations throughout the state, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer (

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Hamilton Chicago Star Miguel Cervantes Raps 26,000 Words a Night With a Message


Ask most people who have attended a Hamilton Chicago performance what the biggest applause line of the musical was, and they’ll likely tell you it was “immigrants, we get the job done!”

The same often holds true in New York, as sanctuary cities have been a dominant and relevant news topic for much of 2017.

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Paul Pogba Now Worth £29.6m More than Man United Paid, Says Study


Paul Pogba, owner of the richest contract in footballer history, has been the subject of much scrutiny since Manchester United broke the bank to acquire him.

Last summer, United broke the world transfer fee record (the first time the club has done so, after breaking the British transfer fee record 12 times previously) to acquire the French midfielder for £89.3 ($115, 101 million Euro).

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Dele Alli First, Harry Kane Second on Most Valuable Players in Premier League List

dele alli

CIES Football Observatory released their annual list of the most valuable players in Europe, and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club claimed both the #1 and #2 positions in the Premier league. The list, which we must remind you is about as much of an inexact science as you can find, is based purely on their calculated transfer value in the current market.

Young budding superstar Dele Alli comes in first among current players on British clubs, with a perceived value of 155.1 million Euro ($173.9m).

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Ogden Raptors Sexist, Objectifying Promotion Only Symptom of Industry’s Bigger Problem

ogden raptors

“As long as it’s legal, and in good taste, we’re going to do it,” proclaimed Shawn Hunter, co-owner of the not yet named minor league Rosemont baseball team.

Another minor league baseball team, the Ogden Raptors went the opposite route. They came up with something called “Hourglass Appreciation Night,” which was as sexist, objectifying and socially regressive as a sports promotion can get.

Yet, it’s actually not all that much worse than what the supposed leaders of the sports industry have been doing for many years.

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Dodgers Affiliate, Ogden Raptors Deservedly Criticized For Sexist, Objectifying Promotion

dodgers affiliate ogden raptors

The Ogden Raptors, a Rookie League affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers, realize that when you’re a minor league baseball franchise, you have to get creative with your promotions.

With over 200 minor league baseball franchises in the United States, you’ve got to be original in order to get attention from the media and publicity industries.

For some bizarre reason, the Ogden Raptors went the sexist objectification route. They came up with something called “Hourglass Appreciation Night,” a promotion that has less-than-optimal optics. It actually looks like the product of a stuck-in-the-1950s marketing focus group which was led by Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly.

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Eric Trump Golf Event Swindle of Sick Kids Shows Both His Sinister Side and His Idiocy

eric trump

Everything you really need to know about Eric Trump can be discerned from his portrayal on Saturday Night Live by Alex Moffatt. His “AND I’M ERIC!!” lampoon line is pretty much who he is, as he’s consistently shown a tendency to “say the quiet part LOUD! and the loud part quiet.

You can use an Eric Trump soundbite to perfectly encapsulate why our democracy is crumbling and our nation is falling apart- “we get all the funding we need out of Russia.” 

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