Edwin Jackson: not a $52 Million mistake for the Cubs — Yet


There is no way to sugarcoat Edwin Jackson’s disastrous first season with the Chicago Cubs. Of 80 qualifying starters in major league baseball last year, Jackson had both the 78th highest ERA, 4.98, and WHIP, 1.46.  No pitcher lost more games than his 18, against just eight wins. Jackson’s disastrous season only cost the Cubs $13 million, the first year of a 4-year, $52 million contract.

Yet, with the information available to management at the time, it was completely reasonable to sign Jackson to a lucrative deal.  Further, there is ample time left on the deal, three years, for the Cubs to still be rewarded.

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Jeff Samardzija: no reason for the Cubs to break the bank for him now


Cubs’ RHP pitcher Jeff Samardzija has been the subject of incessant rumors that he will be traded this season if he does not accept the Cubs’ multi-year contract extension, reportedly between five and six years and $60 and $70 million.

There is absolutely no reason to extend Samardzija at this juncture after just two years of uneven results in the starting rotation; and, similarly, there is no need to trade him, as he is not eligible to become a free agent until after the 2015 season.

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Cubs Welington Castillo knows what he must improve upon (EXCLUSIVE)


Chicago Cubs Catcher Welington Castillo is a great teammate and the handler of the cubs pitching staff. He’s take a position that’s been a major question mark for this organization and made it more stable. With further improvement, Welington Castillo could make the catching position in Wrigley Field a position of strength.

He’s a tireless worker, who’s made himself a better defensive catcher and game caller. I had an exclusive with Welington Castillo prior to the CSN Sports Awards, where he was awarded the Cub of the year. We talked about what he’s working on get better in 2014.

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Cubs open spring training facility Cubs Park (photos and info)


Today saw the completion of Cubs Park, the new Chicago Cubs Spring Training ballpark, with a two-story player development facility and a rebuilt and enhanced Riverview Park on a 146-acre site. So goodbye Ho Ho Kam park

During a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the recently named Cubs Park, Cubs board members Tom and Laura Ricketts, front office executives Crane Kenney and Theo Epstein and Hall of Fame pitcher Fergie Jenkins joined a host of State and City officials including Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith and more.

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Jason Hammel: the Chicago Cubs most significant offseason signing?


The addition of veteran right-handed pitcher Jason Hammel to a one-year, $6 million contract should allow the Chicago Cubs to slot their pitchers in positions of strength and provide the Cubs with additional depth and roster flexibility to make trades before or during the 2014 season.

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Theo Epstein’s minor league vision taking effect for Cubs


In Theo We Trust.  That should be the motto of Chicago Cubs’ fans after MLB.com released its Top 100 minor league prospect list last week.  When Theo Epstein assumed the position of President of Baseball Operations prior to the 2012 season, he promised to build the Cubs’ minor league system into the premier one in baseball.

The results have been astounding.

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Cubs pursuing new outfield sign, Rooftops exploring response litigation


How’s that for a sexy Cubs vs rooftops headline? Yeah, I know that’s like Alison Brie level sexiness there.

Today, the Chicago Cubs filed for a permit for an advertising sign in right field, according to Crain’s. The 650-square-foot see-through sign is a projected part of the $500 million Wrigley Field renovation project, and also the most hotly debated items between the Cubs and the rooftops owners.

Like Cubs front office man Crane Kenney said at CubsCon last weekend, “you know what the hold up is,” in getting the Wrigley renovations done.

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AUDIO: analyzing 2014 Soxfest and Cubs front office issues


The Chicago White Sox SoxFest fan convention, was held downtown this weekend (January 24-26) at the Palmer House Hilton. It was not very well attended. Rumors are that the Cubs Convention, this past weekend, did not sell out for the first time in its 29 year history. Easy to understand why Soxfest and Cubs Con had so much less interest than usual- it was truly the worst season in Chicago baseball history

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BREAKING: Chicago Cubs release list of Spring Training Invites


Chicago Cubs have invited 24 non-roster players to major league spring training, which begins Thursday, February 13 when pitchers and catchers are invited to report in advance of their first formal workout on Friday, February 14 at Cubs Park in Mesa, Ariz.

Position players are invited to report to camp Tuesday, February 18 with the team’s first full squad workout Wednesday, February 19. Here’s the list released be the Cubs just minutes ago:

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Cubs single A affiliate offering Valentine’s Day dinner at stadium



St. Valentine’s Day will be here in less than a month and with it comes the struggle to come up with interesting and unique Valentine’s Day plans. Enter Minor League baseball. MILB is of course known for their crazy promotions and interesting publicity stunts. And if you live around the areas where the western suburbs of Chicago end and rural Illinois begins, perhaps you have an interest in having your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at a minor league baseball stadium?

The Kane County Cougars, single A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs have a package deal for you.

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Cubs Prez Crane Kenney updates us on renovations, rooftops conflict


Chicago Cubs President Crane Kenney yesterday at the Cubs Convention regarding Wrigley Field renovations: “I think you know what the holdup is.” Yes, I thought we had “peace in our time” between the Cubs and Wrigleyville rooftops owners. But maybe Pax Romana has once again passed on. Kenney says there’s been much progress in past two weeks but a lawsuit would delay progress.

Crane Kenney also said that the roofies cost him $20 million losses due to missed out bleacher sales. Very tough to quantify if Crane Kenney is right on that. I’d like to see how these studies are done. Of course, I have zero sympathy for the Rooftops and never had one ounce of compassion to their cause. Ever.

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VIDEO: Clark well received at Cubs Convention, so CHILL OUT you haters


I don’t know where the vitriol against Clark came from, or why anyone felt the need to rail against poor Clark, but I met the embattled mascot today at the 2014 Cubs Convention and I found him in person to be exactly what I thought he would be: sweet and harmless. And geared towards little kids. That’s what Clark was created for- young children. He’s not for you! He’s for them.

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