Chicago Cubs fans are totally delusional about Kris Bryant


I have never been kind when talking about the intellectual capacity of Chicago Cubs fans… and I am not going to start now. With less than 2 weeks to go in spring training, the “debate” of Kris Bryant ’s future has been a hot topic for Cubs fans. The term “debate” is used loosely when describing the Bryant situation since it is obvious that the Cubs should keep him down for the first couple weeks so they have full control over him for another year.

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Chicago Cubs make bold move by announcing bleacher promotions


Today the Chicago Cubs announced their summer concert series and promotional schedule for the Wrigley Field bleachers. They sent out a vanilla release, the kind you would receive from any giant corporation, simply listing and hyping their events. Sounds, although Darren Rovellian, still innocent enough, right?

Not exactly. the Chicago Cubs bleacher reconstruction project has been delayed a couple times and it’s well behind schedule.

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If the Cubs win the World Series, you could win a DeLorean

chicago cubs convention delorean


Do you want a DeLorean, gull wing doors and all, to cruise around in this year? All it takes is a Chicago Cubs World Series win. So yes, it’s asking quite a lot. The DeLorean was the automobile of choice/time machine driven Christopher Lloyd (as Dr. Emmett Brown) and Michael J. Fox (as Marty McFly) in the Back to the Future film trilogy.

We’re only two months and change into 2015, but already we’ve had a years worth of Back to the Future references and Cubs BTTF prophecy jokes. The DeLorean itself has gone a bit overlooked.

Here’s how you can win one.

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Joe Maddon: Cubs man, myth and legend


Who is Joe Maddon? Let’s examine the man, the myth, and the legend.

Editor’s note: this Joe Maddon feature article authored by new Sports Bank contributor Wes Evans. (@WesEvans24)

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Cubs issue statement on the passing of Minnie Minoso

chicago cubs convention

Chicago Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts issued the following statement on behalf of the organization in regards to the passing of Chicago White Sox legend Minnie Minoso:

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Jorge Soler, Kris Bryant spearhead 2015 Cubs optimism


Jorge Soler and Kris Bryant were named the top two prospects in all of baseball according to ESPN Analyst Keith Law. A couple weeks ago, Law named the Cubs minor league system the best in all of baseball, and when appeared on “Olbermann” yesterday, he had great things to say about both Soler and Bryant.

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Specific Ernie Banks Memorial plans released by Cubs


We were all very sad last month to learn the news that Ernie Banks had passed away. The sweet persona of Mr. Cub was indeed the genuine article. His public image that exuded kindness and good works was also exactly who he was on the inside.

A few minutes ago, the Chicago Cubs have announced their specific plans to pay tribute to the Hall of Famer during Spring Training, Opening Night at Wrigley Field and throughout the 2015 season.


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Cubs prospects update: Almora, Bryant, Schwarber, Russell


It’s that time again. Let’s check in on how the Chicago Cubs prospects are doing.

Today, the Cubs released their list of the 19 non-roster players invited to Major League Spring training camp. The list is below and it includes of the biggest name Cubs prospects within the organization.

Remember, the farm system is supposedly so rich that it was named the #1 pipeline in all of baseball by ESPN baseball scouting analyst Keith Law.

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Baseball Tonight’s Adnan Virk on Chicago Cubs HIGH HOPES (exclusive)

adnan virk

Adnan Virk (@AdnanESPN) wears many hats at ESPN: SportsCenter, NBA, college football, college basketball etc. Anchoring Baseball Tonight is one of his primary gigs, and he really knows his MLB. Virk was gracious enough to sit down with me for an exclusive chat about a whole host of topics, including some Chicago Cubs baseball.

The interview (podcast below) occurred the day after I finished up covering Cubs Convention 2015, so the renewed hope in Cubs Nation was top of mind.

(discussion of the “Cubbie Kool-Aid” begins around the 6 minute mark)

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Anthony Rizzo, Joe Maddon other ’15 Cubs Con stuff

anthony-rizzo cubs convention

Anthony Rizzo guaranteed that the Chicago Cubs would win the NL central this season, and that prediction was one of the hottest topics at 2015 Cubs Convention. When new Manager Joe Maddon came to the stage during the first night of Cubs Con, “host” Ryan Dempster brought up the bold statement of Anthony Rizzo.

Maddon backed up Rizzo for being supremely confident and bold. He said he was a fan of Rizzo’s faith in his team and self-assurance.

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Phallic Randy Johnson jokes and other Cubs Convention highlights


Former Chicago Cubs pitcher and current front office professional Ryan Dempster did a very fine job hosting/MCing day one of the 2015 Chicago Cubs Convention. This year, the first day had just two events: the opening ceremonies and “Late Night with Ryan Dempster.”

It was modeled after the old “Late Night with David Letterman” talk show (much more reminiscent of Letterman’s NBC days than his CBS tenure), and Dempster did himself say that Letterman was his role model for doing this three hour show.

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2015 Chicago Cubs Convention Preview


As we head into the 2015 Chicago Cubs Convention, it means we’re reaching two milestones this year. Clark, the much maligned mascot, turns 1. Let’s hope Clark gets treated much better in year two than he did in year one. Why Clark is so polarizing, has never made much sense, as there’s nothing to truly dislike about him.

Second milestone of 2015 is the “Back to the Future Part 11″ prophecy. Yes, the film made in 1990, and set in 1985/2015/1955 predicted the Cubs would win the World Series this year.

So you know it has to happen.

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