With Cubs in World Series; White Sox Fans Should Bury the Hatchet

chicago cubs

Certain groups of Chicago White Sox fans need to finally “get over it.”

It’s time to “move on,” because hey, you’ve “already got yours.”

The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox are not truly rivals. This faux rivalry exists only in the minds of a meathead subset of Chicago baseball fans, and there are way more of them on the Soxside than Cubs side. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Sox Country. Born and raised there. I’ve lived the last 14 years in hard core Cubs Nation.

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Hamilton-Chicago Cubs Mashup Video is Totally Brilliant!


I’ve stated numerous times that I CANNOT STAND 1.) pop songs about sports teams and their bandwagons and 2.) amateur attempts at singing.

Thus when an edition of this genre comes along and it’s great, not just great, but brilliant…it’s almost transcendent. Cubs memes creator Matt Paolelli did just that with his Hamilton Chicago Cubs mashup.

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Orval Overall: Icon of the Last True Chicago Cubs Dynasty 


When something gets old enough, it’s news again.

Enter former Chicago Cubs pitcher Orval Overall, who is from an era so far bygone that he’s sometimes mistakenly referred to as “Orville Overall.” It’s an honest mistake, as Overall’s heyday coincided with the crowning achievements of Orville Wright. Also, Orville Redenbacher was born in 1907. Yes, the Chicago Cubs won three consecutive pennants 1906-1908, and back-to-back World Series titles in ought-seven and ought-eight.

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Maria Kanellis was “Fired” by Donald Trump for “Locker Room Talk”


Maria Kanellis, a wrestler, actress, singer, topless model and valet, was once “fired” by Donald Trump for “locker room talk.” This occurred in 2010 on the NBC reality series “The Apprentice,” and this exchange yet again proves what a total hypocrite Trump is.

The Daily Show re-aired the footage last night.

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PHOTOS: ’90s Chicago Cubs Photog Blazed Social Trail for Women


Happy NLDS Chicago Cubs fans! Between now and the late start tonight we have plenty of reading material, audio and visual to both keep you occupied, and get you in the mood for Game 1 tonight. Andie Giafaglione was a photographer for the Chicago Cubs from 1996-1999 , and she witnessed a lot of history over those years.

The Sammy Sosa home run chase, Kerry Wood’s 20 strikeout game, 0-14 start in ’97.

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Eamus Catuli: Sounds Very Sexual, but here’s the Actual Meaning


Eamus Catuli the billboard on a Sheffield Avenue rooftop reads, along with the letters AC and then the numbers 0871108.

All die-hard Chicago Cubs fans know exactly what that sign and the corresponding numbers mean. If you’re not a Cubs hard core you could still figure out the symbolism of the numerical characters. This post isn’t for the devotees though; it’s for the entry level observers, the tourists and bandwagoneers.

After all, it’s playoff time now. Yes, the Cubs will host the San Francisco Giants in game 1 of the national league division series tomorrow night, and now the baseball dilletantes are out in full force, and they don’t know what Eamus Catuli means.

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Horrible Look for Chicago Cubs; Owner Donates $1M to Donald Trump


The Donald Trump Presidential campaign is what what you’d have if a YouTube comments section somehow had sex with alternate reality dystopian 1985 Biff Tannen in “Back to the Future Part 2.” This whole election cycle has basically seen Trump one very long, very bad Andrew Dice Clay routine.

Unfortunately, the Chicago Cubs ownership wants in on this revolting act. The Cubs are owned by the Ricketts family, and their patriarch, Joe Ricketts, plans to donate at least $1 million to a super PAC supporting Trump, The Wall Street Journal reported.

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Very Rare Vintage Chicago Cubs, Federals Jersey for Sale


Check out the three rare, special edition, hard to find Chicago Cubs, Federals jersey for sale on Ebay, Cubs fans. Act now, as the auction ends in less than a week! Click where highlighted in bold to reach the Ebay link.

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Cubs Ace Jake Arrieta Appears in ESPN Body Issue


Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta will be featured in this year’s ESPN The Magazine “The Body Issue.”

Others in the issue include: Miami Heat Superstar Dwyane Wade, Houston Texans big boy DL Vince Wilfork, Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl MVP Von Miller of the Denver Broncos, Chicago Red Stars and USWNT Forward Christen Press, three-time WNBA All-Star and 2015 MVP Elena Delle Donne…

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Willson Contreras: Dossier on Promoted Chicago Cubs Megaprospect


Via a Chicago Cubs press release, the team today promoted catcher Willson Contreras from Triple-A Iowa.  Catcher Tim Federowicz has been designated for assignment. Contreras, who will wear uniform number 40, will be available for the Cubs this afternoon as they begin their three-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Wrigley Field.

Thus we give you the dossier/prospect profile on Willson Contreras.

From about 2011 to winter of 2015, writing about the Chicago Cubs, the parent club, elicited this in your page views chart:

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The Chicago Bears are Uruguay and 7 more Copa America Analogies



Copa America Centenario kicks off tomorrow and we got on the analogy kick (pun intended) by matching a local Chicago sports franchise with one of the teams in the United States’ Group A and Mexico’s Group B. The Chicago Bears are Uruguay, the Cubs are the USA, the Blackhawks are Mexico.

To read why and how pick up a Chicago Tribune RedEye edition today, or click on this link hereAccording to the ESPN FC Soccer Power Index, America has the second best shot at getting out of group A. Here are the SPI percentage projections for advancing out of Group A and into the knockout round:

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Chicago Cubs Opening Day Roster vs L.A. Angels Unveiled

chicago cubs

The Chicago Cubs have just unveiled their Opening Day 25-man roster. The 2016 season opener takes place tomorrow night in Los Angeles versus the Angels. It’s the “L.A. Angels,” or if you prefer, the “Anaheim Angels,” but it’s not “The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.”

Team names are two words, not five. No one is typing out that full name all the time, nor should they. Time for the Angels to drop that act and let it go.  In the words of John Oliver “how is this still a thing?”

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