2015 Chicago Cubs UTTERLY DESTROYED Preseason Expectations

Cubs Celebration - Arrieta

They’ll be a bit better than last year. I’d say about 83 wins.

That’s what I said at the beginning of the 2015 season. It’s what I expected out of the 2015 Chicago Cubs, and it was right in line with what all national experts were saying. We were all dead wrong.

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Northwestern basketball views Cubs as rebuild role models


As much as you hear “1908” ad nauseam (we’re 27 outs away from at least one more year of that, at minimum), college basketball has its own 1908. That would be the “Northwestern basketball has never made the NCAA Tournament” fact/factoid/storyline/reference/allusion/mention/personal gag reflex at this point.

The Chicago Cubs and Northwestern basketball athletics are closely linked. NU Athletic Director Jim Phillips is neighbors with Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts, and both sports franchises are partnered with WGN radio.

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Three AWFUL Chicago Cubs playoff t-shirts (photos)

chicago cubs ian happ

“Worst. Episode. Ever,” as the grotesquely obese and exceedingly socially challenged Comic Book Guy character says on The Simpsons. His trademark phrase perfectly describes NLCS Game 4 for Chicago Cubs fans, who are all spending today curled up in the fetal position on the couch binging on Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food and listening to Whitney Houston’s “Didn’t we almost have it all?” on repeat.

(Or maybe it’s just me, who’s doing that, not every other Chicago Cubs fan) Nevertheless, if you still need a keepsake of the Chicago Cubs postseason run (yes, four post season wins still qualifies as a “run”), then I have a shirt for you.

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Kyle Schwarber: three reasons to never miss an at bat


As the National League Championship Series now shifts to Chicago, the Cubs will attempt to hold serve at home in the same manner that the New York Mets just did. Yes, the Metropolitans are up 2-0, but you know this series is going the full seven games, regardless of who wins.

There are plenty of exciting players to watch in this series, but young Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber might stand out above the rest. Here are three reasons to never miss a Schwarber at bat.

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Chicago Cubs take over B1G Basketball Media Day


Chicago is the nation’s third largest metropolitan area, but it often acts like a provincial campus town regarding local sports teams. Basically, this town gets complete tunnel vision for whoever is winning. From 2010-2014, it’s been all Blackhawks.


In October 2015, we are now all Cubs all the time. “SCHWARBOMB!! SCHWARBEAST! BLASTRO!”

Cubs mania even overtook Big Ten Media Day, as numerous coaches referenced the club located at 1060 W. Addison.

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Update: full NLCS game times, announcer pairings set


The Chicago Cubs are in the NLCS. I repeat the Chicago Cubs are in the NLCS. Even though we’ve had a day and a half for all of this to soak in, it still seems incredibly surreal. Here are all the start times and announcer assignments that have been set, via TBS Media Relations.

Every game will be on TBS as Ernie Johnson will provide play-by-play for the NLCS with analysts Ron Darling and Cal Ripken and reporters Sam Ryan and Matt Winer.

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Four Cubs-Mets NLCS cliches the media will run into the ground


The National League Championship Series is upon us!

Here’s the link to the start times and announcer assignments for the Chicago Cubs versus New York Mets NLCS. That said, let’s look at four cliches the media will run into the ground this week. The Cubs in the NLCS means that now the news side, in addition to the sports side, will be covering the NLCS.

You know what usually happens what the news division covers sports! You get sportzzzz!!!!! Captain Obvious is about to set sail with these four shopworn narratives on board.

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Orval Overall: profiling the icon of the last Cubs Dynasty 


When something gets old enough, it’s news again.

Enter former Chicago Cubs pitcher Orval Overall, who is from an era so far bygone that he’s sometimes mistakenly referred to as “Orville Overall.” It’s an honest mistake, as Overall’s heyday coincided with the crowning achievements of Orville Wright. Yes, the Chicago Cubs won three consecutive pennants 1906-1908, and back-to-back World Series titles in ought-seven and ought-eight.

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Cubs NLDS Twitter: the good stuff actually


Ah, Chicago Cubs NLDS Twitter. In short, it is pretty much the same thing as Chicago Blackhawks postseason Twitter. We’ve articulated that in detail here at this link. So now that we’ve covered the worst of Cubs NLDS Twitter, let’s take a look at what’s actually GOOD about NLDS Twitter.

Here are some of the highlights. Notice how we never ever ever use official accounts and newspaper beat writer or television reporter accounts in these kinds of posts? Nor should we, those accounts are soooooooooo dull and corporate 99% of the time.

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Cubs have found overdue solution to 7th inning stretch problem


The Chicago Cubs marketing mantras of #LetsGo #WeAreGood this season denote a more businesslike and professional tone than in years past. Therefore, it’s high time they finally get businesslike about another tradition that’s been lacking for a very long time.

The “guest conductor” 7th inning stretch routine must be fixed; now. The status quo is beloved by….uhm, nobody. It’s horrifying bad, but the solution is obvious. The Cubs discovered it themselves tonight.

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Cal Ripken explains the Chicago Cubs shortstop accumulation


Cal Ripken was trending all night on Twitter for two main reasons. First was his expressed interest in possibly taking the Washington Nationals managerial position, should they pursue him. Secondly, Ripken’s take on a “postseason baseball slide,” was ripped apart by many social media users.

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Local, National Media Chicago Cubs cliche check (update)


Wednesday morning, Redeye published my Major League Baseball postseason op-ed previewing the inevitable Chicago Cubs cliche convention the national media would soon commence. Today, you can pick up a copy of the column in print at any of the RedEye drop boxes. (And/or check out the link here)

An excerpt:

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