Arsenal FC Forward Olivier Giroud Nominated for an ESPY


Arsenal forward Oliver Giroud is a polarizing figure among Gunners supporters, but everyone loved his scorpion kick goal this past season. It’s time to relive the moment the Frenchman achieved this stunner against Crystal Palace, as it’s now up for an ESPY.

First let’s watch it again:

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How To Be Taken Seriously As A Soccer Fan In The US


Generally speaking, soccer fans in the US get a lot of stick. Most of it stems from the fact they call it ‘soccer’ instead of ‘football.’ What fans back in Europe don’t seem to understand is that American Football is the number one sport over here. Of course, we don’t call it ‘American’ football, it’s just ‘football’ to us Americans.

So, if everyone started calling soccer ‘football’ as well, everyone would be confused! We don’t use the term soccer because we don’t respect the game or understand its history, it’s purely out of convenience.

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Arsene Wenger Must Delegate Authority in Order to Keep His Job, Claim Reports


If the current ruling autocrat does indeed remain at Arsenal FC beyond this season he will not be changing his leadership style. Arsene Wenger made it clear that he will not be delegating any authority to anybody, should his regime (a reign of terror to many Gunners supporters) continue.

The Frenchman will maintain a power structure that is extremely centralized around himself.

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Manchester United Have Put All Their Eggs in Europa League Basket


Jose Mourinho has certainly made his decision and ultimate goals clear now. Actions speak louder than words, and today’s 2-0 defeat at Arsenal is a result that says a lot. Mourinho has prioritized winning the UEFA Europa League over finishing in the English Premier League top four at the end of the season.

That’s the preferred route back until UEFA Champions League for Mourinho and United, and on paper it most likely seems the easier path.

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Arsene Wenger Claims No Personal Triumph in Victory over Jose Mourinho

jose mourinho arsene wenger

It took 13 tries in league play (15 overall) but Arsene Wenger achieved his first ever victory over Jose Mourinho today. Arsenal beat Manchester United 2-0, and in the process, United and Mourinho conceded their battle for a spot in the top four. Instead they will focus on getting back to UEFA Champions League by winning the Europa League tournament.

In spite of all this, Wenger refuses to claim a personal triumph over Mourinho.

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Jose Mourinho Takes Subtle Swipe at Arsene Wenger, Even in Defeat

arsene wenger jose mourinho

The personal rivalry between Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger is very well documented. Almost monthly, you can run an article entitled “Jose Mourinho Throws Shade at Arsene Wenger.” Of all the jabs Mourinho has tossed at Wenger, “a specialist in failure” certainly stands out as one of the more colorful remarks.

Heading into Arsenal’s 2-0 win at home over Manchester United today, Wenger said he’s open to making peace with Mourinho, and in response the Portugese said that there is no need to make peace, as he claims to have no qualms with the Arsenal boss.

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Mourinho Loses to Wenger for the First Time; Twitter Users Voice Conspiracy Theory

jose mourinho

Jose Mourinho is prioritizing winning the UEFA Europa League over finishing in the Premier League top four. That’s the preferred route back until Champions League for Mourinho, and most likely the easier path. Although it’s true that putting all the eggs in the Europa basket could end up backfiring later, you can’t really argue against this decision right now.

Even though the top four race is still open, with Liverpool only managing one point today, going all in for Europa still seems like the way to go, at least on paper.

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TV Cameras Catch Arsenal FC Players Snacking on the Bench During Game


After a goalless first half, Arsenal FC fought their stride and blew open their home clash with Manchester United. By midway through the second half, the Gunners were up 2-0 on a United team prioritizing the UEFA Europa League over Sunday’s meeting at The Emirates.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger would go on to get his first win over Jose Mourinho, in this the 16th attempt. United, resting some of their critical players for the Europa semi-final against Celta Vigo on Thursday night, have now seen their 25 match Premier League unbeaten streak end.

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Jose Mourinho Hopes Arsene Wenger Will Stay at Arsenal Beyond this Year


Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has yet to register a victory in 14 matches against Jose Mourinho, across all competitions. In the 14 times that the two have clashed (in Premier League and EFL Cup), Mourinho has won seven times and there have been seven draws.  

The next chapter in their rivalry commences in hours, and it’s the second edition involving Manchester United (the first took part in late November).

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Predicted Manchester United Starting XI vs Arsenal


Heading into Manchester United’s Sunday fixture at Arsenal, Red Devils boss Jose Mourinho gave his weekly preview press conference (video here), and in it he indicated that would be resting some of his starters for this one. Mourinho is now prioritizing winning the Europa League competition, and that is the primary route back into the Champions League. Here is a link to the latest top four odds for all of the remaining contenders.

“In relation to the Europa League it’s very important they have come back on time. We have two matches in one week against Celta and so it is important to have everyone back,” he said on Wednesday,” Mourinho said.

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Arsenal FC vs Manchester United: Full Injury and Fitness Report for Both Sides

luke shaw

Manchester United’s Sunday fixture at Arsenal is an intriguing one given all the contrasting storylines. Red Devils manager Jose Mourinho gave his weekly preview press conference (video here), and in it he indicated that would be resting players in this match as he and his club prioritizes winning the Europa League competition.

That will be the primary route back into the Champions League for fifth place United while sixth place Arsenal are making their last stand towards reaching the top four.

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Manchester United, and every other English Premier League Crest, if it were “Americanised”

manchester united americanized

You previously saw what would happen if the National Football League became British. If not, then go here to this link and see NFL logos re-imagined in the style and theme of Great Britain. Clubline took the Premier League and converted the crests to how they would look if they were was branded up like the MLS, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL in America.

Club line took every Premier League team and AMERICANISED them. Sorry, it’s Americanised, not Americanized.

 The infographic embedded below shows you each team in alphabetical order.

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