Chelsea FC Considered FA Cup Favorites Entering Semi-Finals

chelsea fc

Although Chelsea FC are coming off their worst effort of the season last weekend, they remain the favorites to claim the FA Cup. The Blues got out-manned and out-planned but their former Manager Jose Mourinho and Manchester United on Easter Sunday, in match that was an aberration from the fine form the Blues have displayed this season.

It’s been reported that a virus could have have afflicted a few Chelsea FC players, and thus held the back from giving their best against the Red Devils.

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Huge Alexis Sanchez Contract Would Put the Club “in trouble” Claims Arsene Wenger


When the CIES Football Observatory released their study of individual player values on the global transfer market in January, Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez was rated the tenth most valuable player in the entire world and fifth in all of England.

His transfer value was projected at 82 million Euro, or 60.63 million British pounds.He was the only Gunners player to make CIES’ top 15 on the 100 man list.

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Manchester United, and every other English Premier League Crest, if it were “Americanized”

manchester united americanized

You previously saw what would happen if the National Football League became British. If not, then go here to this link and see NFL logos re-imagined in the style and theme of Great Britain. Clubline took the Premier League and converted the crests to how they would look if they were was branded up like the MLS, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL in America.

Club line took every Premier League team and AMERICANISED them. Sorry, Americanized.

 The infographic embedded below shows you each team in alphabetical order.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Named to PFA Player of the Year Short List


Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a promising future in entertainment once his playing days are over. Of course, it’s going to be awhile before he needs to find a post-football job, but he’s already established himself as a captivating showman.

He has the substance to back up his style too, as today saw Ibra named to the PFA Player of the Year Award short list.

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Arsenal FC Supporters Verbally Harass Players on Team Bus (Video)


It’s becoming increasingly obvious that all the uncertainty surrounding the future of Arsene Wenger is weighing on the club. Unsure of whether he will stay or go, or who his successor might be, the futures of star players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil hang in the balance as well.

All the wavering and waffling questions are having adverse effects of Arsenal FC, as their prolonged slump continues. Today, Crystal Palace thrashed Arsenal FC 3-0, dealing a major blow to the continuation of Wenger’s top four finish streak.

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Diego Costa Fuels Transfer Speculation with Comments About London


As polarizing a figure he truly is, Chelsea FC striker Diego Costa sure can “ball.” He’s one of the EPL’s most dangerous scorers, and he’s turned in a season that ranks among the most productive and valuable, of any player in the league this season.

Thus he’s always attracting the interest of other teams, and naturally quite often the subject of transfer rumors. Today, he made comments that fueled more transfer speculation.

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Mesut Ozil Waiting on Future of Arsene Wenger to Determine His Own with Arsenal


Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has seen his contract extension talks with the Gunners put on hold. As Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger informed us a couple weeks ago, the club has put off contract extension talks with Ozil’s agent, as well as Alexis Sanchez’s representation, until after the season.

Ozil and Sanchez contract extension questions have surrounded the team now for quite some time. What’s been the hold-up?

Well, obviously the questionable future of Arsene Wenger at the club hovers above and overshadows everything surrounding the club. The Frenchman has obviously been highly scrutinized by Gunners supporters, but he’s also very highly regarded within the club’s board.

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How to Bet on the UEFA Champions League

If you primarily care about English or German soccer, then you might focus your betting on the Premier League and the Bundesliga, respectively. However, if you are passionate about European football in general, then your favored tournament gambling should be the UEFA Champions League.

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Arsene Wenger Makes Subtlely Defensive Remarks About Backlash Against Him


Arsene Wenger has guided Arsenal FC to three Premier League titles and six FA Cups, during his two decades with the club, but Arsenal have not won a league title since the 2003-04 season. Wenger has led the Gunners to a finish in the top four (and thus UEFA Champions League) in each of the past 20 seasons, but he now faces long odds to continue that streak.

The team has encountered a very rough patch, and the supporter backlash against Wenger has been quite strong.

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Arsenal FC Could be Without Laurent Koscielny for a Very Long Time


Arsenal FC could be without Laurent Koscielny for the rest of season. Gunners Manager Arsene Wenger said today that Koscielny has an injury that is “certainly serious,” and that he could be out for “a few weeks.” Given the potential severity of the achilles injury, and the fact that we only have a few weeks left in the season, it’a fair to say that Koscielny might end up shut down for the remainder of the campaign.

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Arsenal FC Chief Hints that Change Could be Coming Within the Club

arsenal transfer rumors-tottenham

Arsenal FC boss Arsene Wenger claims that he has made up his mind about what he’s going to do at the end of the season when his contract expires, but he is still yet to tell anyone of his decision. There have been plenty of rumors indicating that the Frenchman will begin a new two year deal, but nothing even remotely close to verifiable and definitive on that has come forth.

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Bizarre Statue of Arsenal Star Alexis Sanchez Unveiled, Vandalized


There’s a bizarre looking statue of Arsenal FC and Chile star forward Alexis Sanchez erected in his native country. The still life is much less realism or trompe l’oeil, and instead very cartoonish. It resides in the player’s home city of Tocopilla and it consists of Alexis Sanchez in full Chile kit, alongside the badges of all the clubs he has played for: Arsenal, Barcelona, Udinese and Colo.

There are also two replicas of the Copa America trophy, won by Chile last summer and the year before.

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