The Benefits of Wearing Compression Gear While Playing Soccer

soccer compression gear

By Jake Owen

If you are not yet familiar with compression gear – where have you been living, really? – you need not worry as this is the definitive article on the topic. Compression gear is the extremely tightly fitted clothing often worn by athletes in practice or on game day. Alternatively called pressure garments, it includes t-shirts, tights, socks, sleeves or underwear and it’s often made largely from a spandex type material, a synthetic fiber renowned for its extreme elasticity, or sometimes nylon and latex.

This article thoroughly reviews the current literature on it and sheds light on their many purported benefits.

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Betting Companies Comprise Half of 17-18 Premier League Shirt Sponsors

premier league

By Felicity Shields

This upcoming Premier League season, which kicks off in less than a month, the gambling world will have a tremendous impact on team shirt sponsorships.

This has been a rising trend over the past decade and a half, ever since Fulham linked up with Betfair in 2002-03. Here we are, fifteen years later, and exactly half of the Premier League’s teams will a display a betting company logo on their kit.

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Five 2017/2018 English Premier League Predictions


By George Cummins

Last year’s Premier League had all the makings of a classic sitcom.

Victors Chelsea looked anything but at the beginning, having got off to a bit of a bad start. But, after Leicester City’s shock win the season before, anything was possible. Spurs – not quite one of the ‘Big Four,’ but getting closer, had a great season, but they lost steam down the stretch. Still they gathered enough to stay in the running for the top spot longer than any other challenger to Chelsea.

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Funding Charity Sports Events: Think Outside The Box!

By Costea Lestoc

When it comes to a sporting event, usually only one team can ultimately win. There are ties, but for the most part, just one group of athletes takes away the trophy. However, on the local community level, it doesn’t matter who wins the game as long as there is a game.

There’s a big difference between local sporting events and nationalized sporting events. The former is an all-consuming pastime which fills a brain with statistics and numbers pertaining to individuals. The other is a community event that bolsters the local people.

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Early in Transfer Window, Chelsea Look Like League Title Favorites


By John Hawthorne

At this moment, Chelsea are the favorites to win the EPL this upcoming season, which should come as no surprise considering they won the league title with ease last season. Of course, a lot can change over the course of the summer and the odds will shift once all the transfer dealings are complete.

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How to Choose the Right Softball Bat

softball bats

By David Morgan

Being best on the field isn’t going to happen if you don’t have a bat that is good enough for the job. Since pure talent alone won’t make the cut, why don’t you try looking for the right softball bat to evaluate yourself?

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Most Popular Casino Games Among Football Fans and Players


By Valentine Ferrari

It’s no secret that football fans love to bet on their favorite sport, team and players, but did you know that many football players also like to gamble? In fact, some of them like to gamble so much that they’ve experienced huge money losses or – in rare cases – huge money wins!

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Crunch Time for the Republic of Ireland

republic of ireland

Having reached the half way stage of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, Martin O’Neill’s Republic of Ireland side are now heading for a crucial fixture that could determine their fate. Locked on 11 points with Serbia and Montenegro, will they be heading for automatic qualification or a place in the play offs when this group phase comes to an end?

Domestic campaigns may be at an end across Europe but June is an important month for the Republic of Ireland with these three fixtures coming up.

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Top 10 Biggest Upsets in the History of Basketball


Basketball is a fast and furious game, in which momentum often changes in an instant. Thrills and spills are guaranteed, and this short list of upsets are just a small sample of the many memorable games that have rocked this sport over the years.

This list is proof positive that it’s never really over until it is truly over, and complete turnarounds are possible at any point of play.

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Predicted Chelsea FC Starting XI vs West Bromwich Albion


This is it.

The game that the English Premier League season has built up to. The game that could earn Chelsea their 6th English Premier League title. The season has been a cracker for Chelsea so they will want to end it with a bang. With West Brom having not won a game in seven, this clash will be one that Chelsea believe they will overcome, and therefore win the English Premier League.

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N’golo Kante Could Surpass Makele as Chelsea FC’s Best Ever Defensive Midfielder

It’s not easy to make a comparison between N’Golo Kante and Claude Makelele. They’re a pair of five-foot-six defensive midfielders from France who have played the position better than almost anyone in a Chelsea shirt. Makelele effectively created the position of the modern defensive midfielder and N’Golo Kante is in the process of building upon it. He’s certainly not there yet but Kante is on course to become one of the best players in Chelsea’s history.

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How To Be Taken Seriously As A Soccer Fan In The US


Generally speaking, soccer fans in the US get a lot of stick. Most of it stems from the fact they call it ‘soccer’ instead of ‘football.’ What fans back in Europe don’t seem to understand is that American Football is the number one sport over here. Of course, we don’t call it ‘American’ football, it’s just ‘football’ to us Americans.

So, if everyone started calling soccer ‘football’ as well, everyone would be confused! We don’t use the term soccer because we don’t respect the game or understand its history, it’s purely out of convenience.

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